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Digital Camera & Monitoring System

The new digital camera and monitor system for better visibility.

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Mirrorless camera system
& monitoring system

Offering better visibility around the vehicle, the Rosco D•CAMS has been engineered to replace exterior rear vision mirrors on commercial vehicles. The digital cameras cover views shown in both the flat lens and convex lens of rear view mirror heads.

Rosco D•CAMS has been granted an exemption by the FMCSA effective December 4, 2022 ending December 4, 2027.* Learn more

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Rosco DCAMS — the next generation of e-Mirrors

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  • 2 or 3 cameras in one housing unit on each side of the vehicle.
  • Cameras equipped with heaters to ensure zero frost on the lenses in cold temperatures.
  • Cameras denoted by class according to R46 standard, covering devices for indirect vision and EU installation.
  • Functionality icons on screen at all times, lighting up when specific functionality is on.
  • Cameras cover FOV requirements of Class II, Class IV, and Class V
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  • Wider and deeper Field-of-View (FOV).
  • Smaller blind zones.
  • Better visibility and brighter images during the day and night.
  • Clearer images in all weather conditions.
  • Aerodynamic design offers fuel savings and efficient operations.
  • Small camera profiles and high mounting locations to reduce risks of impacts with objects.
  • Zero frost on the lenses in cold temperatures.
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